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VCRM Details

Name    :  VANRA CRM- A Complete CRM Solution
Domain    :  Customer Relationship Management
Technology    :  Java, Struts2.3 framework, MySQL 5.5,
Category    :  CRM, Inventory Management
Modules    : 
  • Cases, Tickets Management,
  • Reports,Contacts Management,
  • Accounts Management,
  • Documents Management,
  • Assignment, Inventory Management,
  • Project Management,
  • Expenses Management.
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About VCRM

VCRM- A Complete CRM Solution

VANRA CRM enables businesses to create exceptional customer relationships with the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM solution in the market. VANRA CRM is sales portal designed for sales professional. It provides business people with the information which they need to manage with their respective territory, help them to be organized and sell more. At a glance your sales team has full access to customer data such as notes, to do's, quotes, order history, inventory stock etc. The company uniquely places the individual at the centre of its solution that helps businesses to transform the customer experience and enable highly personalized interactions that drive in customer excellence and loyalty throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

The main focus of VANRA CRM is on customer interaction (Service) management. It helps user to track and resolve customer issues quickly, thereby delivering superior customer support and taking customer satisfaction to the next level, also customer experience management, account and contact management, SLA management, customer self-service and many more. VANRA CRM refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage the data throughout the customer lifecycle, by keeping the goal to improve business relations with customers also assist customer to retain and drive sales growth.


icon   A complete CRM Solution : VANRA CRM helps organization to employ a number of tools and solutions that assists to create efficient and effective business processes throughout the enterprise.
icon   Fully Responsive : VANRA CRM is fully responsive, build on Bootstrap 3.3.0, HTML5 and CSS3. The Framework used is struts2.3.

100% Web based Solution : VANRA CRM is on web server and could be used on any web browser.

icon   Design : VANRA CRM application is designed in Java which is considered as highly secured. The Java language, compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment were each developed with security in mind.
icon   Fit to any level of Business Environment : Every user can hold one or more user license. The user will assign user-permissions for information access through a profile. Additionally more permissions can be set by Admin.
icon   Customizable Report on Single Click : VANRA CRM generates reports for user’s sales team which gives the ability to extract only the data relevant to them from thousands of records based on desired criteria by using filters. Single Click Report feature gives an overview of customer related activities which helps to draw conclusions on how to amend sales process.
icon   Configure Business as per Business Need : VANRA CRM gives an opportunity to manage business modules according business need.
icon   Pay as per Use : Pay as per Use approach promotes as being more cost-effective for the company than maintaining a large infrastructure that exceeds the company's average computing power requirements.


icon   VANRA CRM consolidates customer information and documents into a single CRM database; so that business users can more easily access and manage the information.
icon   The other function of VANRA CRM software includes managing various customer interactions (over email, phone calls, social media or other channels).
icon   VANRA CRM provides user to generate customized report and its prints easily.
icon   VANRA CRM provides various workflow processes such as tasks, calendars, note, cases, tickets, alerts, and giving managers the ability to track performance and productivity based on information logged within the system.