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FISH TOS - FISH Trade Outsourcing

FISH TOS Details

Name    :  FISHTOS - FISH Trade Outsourcing
Domain    :  Trading
Technology    :  Java, Struts2.3 framework, MySQL 5.5
Category    :  Trade Outsourcing


FISH TOS - FISH Trade Outsourcing is Fish trade for international market mainly made up for Brokers involved in Import & export business of FISH and FISH products. FISH TOS gives brokers a centralised solution to keep costs down, streamline work, promote productivity, enforce standards, reduce errors, deal easily with high volume of requests, track progress, improve service delivery. Documents play vital role in import and export business. The deals are finalised based upon the documents and legal procedures taken care by intermediate concerning person or agent. The intermediate concerning person acts as a bridge between the importer and exporter helps importer and exporter to finalise the deals with proper legal procedures and documents.


icon    Web Based Application : FISH TOS is online web application in which Brokers can centralised and analyse the requirements of exporter to importer for FISH trade in international market.
icon    Open Source Java Enabled : FISH TOS is highly secured and flexible application designed using Java capabilities. It is designed using Struts1.3 framework and deployed on Unix and Linux servers.
icon    Integrated UI With Bootstrap : FISH TOS is developed using Bootstrap, which gives responsiveness that dynamically adjusts to the proper screen resolution.
icon    Reports and Charts : FISH TOS visually analyse data and build insightful reports & dashboards. Provides customisation and easily generates reports and charts to inform team about progress.


icon    Cost Cutting & Profits
icon    Customers : Exporters or Importers
icon    Types of Products (Species and specification)
icon    Details about processing of products by editing and/or chemical/preservatives addition.
icon    Map offer from the exporter with the prerequisite of the importer.
icon    Negotiating on the rate.
icon    Finalize rate and shipment date.
icon    Map origin and destination location with proper route.
icon    Maintain quality checks/ inspection on fishes.
icon    Validate whether the fish is with gross weight (frozen fish weight) or net weight.