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Omera Invoice (OMERAI) , is an financial accounting based web application for small to large companies to do finance accounting with very easy and simple way including their estimates, invoices, bills, receipts, payments against the Progress of Project/Product.

OMERAI is a online web solution that enable you to manage your business's financial transactions. It is more than a simple bookkeeping and designed to manage the entire financial comings and goings of large businesses.

Using OMERAI helps companies to use the resources in their accounting departments efficiently, and can reduce costly bookkeeping mistakes.

Omera Invoice will help to reduce the complexity to use of software even it is online solution by which any customer can use it anywhere in global network with various gadgets like Personal Computer, Laptop, Tab, Phone etc

Project Details

Name    :  Omera Invoice
Domain    :  Inventory management System
Technology    :  Java, Struts2.3 framework, MySQL 5.5
Category    :  Web Solution
Type    :  Web Solutions
Website URL    :


icon      Product/Service Management.
icon      Online Project Status Tracking.
icon      Online Employee Status Tracking.
icon      Quotation & Estimation or Product and Services.
icon      Easily Create, Send and track invoices online.
icon      Invoice can be sent d by Email, Ground Mail(Snail), or save as draft for future sending.
icon      Paid advance amount can be deducted option with enter new payment.
icon      Invoice once completed will viewable to other user of same company for reference.


icon      Using Omera tracking sales of product and service is easier and also payment made accordingly.
icon      Omera help our customer to track the status of both staff and their product and services.
icon      Remainder for late and recurring payments from client.
icon      Tracking expenses which can helps company to see their profit or loss.
icon      Get paid faster by different way of payment options.
icon      Online solution by which customer can use it anywhere over the global network with various device.


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