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JobSarthi is web-based online service implemented based on "Y" Model of JobSarthi Consultants Pvt.Ltd. JobSarthi Consultants is Pune based recruitment firm, Which aims to create one healthy environment, where Employer, Consultants, Institutions and Jobseeker can share their ideas and post and search jobs.

It will remove communication gap between Candidates and Job Providers especially in India. As we know in fast growing IT market, technologies are changing very fast, based on technology trend organizations has to recruit the people.

The main objective of this system is to make easy the recruitment process of any organization. This application is designed by keeping in mind both parties like Job Providers and Job Seekers. It allows Job seekers to register their details like personal information, skills and experience with the system, and then on the other hand even it allows Job Providers to register their organization details and post requirements with the application.

Project Details

Name    :  JobSarthi
Domain    :  Job Portal
Technology    :  Java Script, HTML5,PHP, MySQL 5.5
Category    :  Recruitment & Consultant
Type    :  Web Solution
Website URL    :


icon       There are lots of job sites available in market and providing job posting and job search. But due to economy concern, they all are running paid services over the Internet. Our application is fully designed to help Employer, Consultants, Institutes and Jobseeker for their queries. It will keep and display the job oriented information along with training and courses related information.
icon       As per our research and understanding, we believe candidate will required proper help to get job in market and more over the proper guidance while choosing the path where he/she wants to make their career.


icon       It is highly secured and providing second level security while accessing application form other network or PC.
icon Daily Notification and Newsletter support.
icon Online i-Support with trained support team.
icon Very user friendly and interactive icon and tooltips support.
icon Centralized database with all the services implemented for JobSarthi.
icon       Easy plug-in with Caliber Analyzer for quick certification and first entry check for IT candidate.
icon       Multidimensional access model implementation, where Employers, Jobseekers, Consultants, andMultidimensional access model implementation, where Employers, Jobseekers, Consultants, and Institutes are engaged for sharing their information.


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