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A unique platform-DELTA Hiring

76% of recruiters surveyed at the end of 2015 said locating candidates with skillsets which matched the criteria their clients were looking for was the biggest challenge they faced. That means, finding the right candidates is a big challenge for recruiting companies today. Your clients need skilled, focused people, and these people aren't always easy to find. For those recruitment firms that specialize in permanent placements and are having a hard time finding skilled, quality candidates in today’s market, offering to fill the vacant role temporarily until the right candidate can be found may be the route to take.

To overcome these problems, VanraSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides a unique platform-DELTA Hiring for the people who are looking for best suit jobs and also for them are looking for the skilled candidates from the market. The DELTA Hiring is designed to strengthen basic industry-required technical skills through hands-on application. The Company is looking for fresh and experience candidates for their Software development activity and workforce solution, where the company is working on various domains with different technologies such as JAVA, PHP, Software Testing, Analysis and Research etc. You will also develop the necessary skills to judge and understand behavioral and interpersonal dynamics such as team-building and gender-related sensitivities.

DELTA Hiring is a concept implemented by the company to recruit the candidate and outsource those candidates to our clients, once they trained in respective technologies. DELTA Hiring creates an opportunities to market where candidates are looking for job, It will create path where candidate get jobs with easy steps. These easy steps which are offered by VanraSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to launch a successful career through a unique platform-DELTA Hiring that develop skills with quality training.

Delta Hiring