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VanraSoft Community- A Complete ARMS solution

Management of resources is crucial for effectual functioning of any organization. Human resource being an important part of any corporate industry, ARMS software is the perfect tool to increase efficiency in administering work force, recruiting and training, and performance analysis. Human Resource Information Systems provide a means of acquiring, storing, analysing and distributing information making human resource work simpler. It enables improvement in traditional processes and enhance strategic decision making.

VanraSoft Community portal is an ARMS (Adam Resource Management System) solution which is designed to manage an organization's computerized and automated human resource (HR) processes. It accelerates and simplifies recruitment processes and automates daily workflow across the organization.

VanraSoft Community portal simplifies the Human resource process, to reduce the manual workload of administrative activities; VanraSoft began to electronically automate many of human resource processes by introducing specialized human resource management systems. It keeps the complete track of New Joinee and Employees. Employees can have their Time Sheet and Leave Management solution to planned their leaves and track their working hours. Employees can provide their every detail, update their details, and solve their queries through Community without having direct contact with a concern department. It makes the recruiting, hiring, training processes more effective. Complete information about using a portal is also available so that it can be a help for any new person to use it more efficiently.

ARMS - Community