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PDLM provides an innovative enchancement to existing ALM solution in market with low operational cost

Generally the organizations spend considerable amount of money and resources on individual tools that handle different phases of application lifecycle like Project Management, Defect Management, etc. The problem with these tools is that most of them are isolated. The data processing tools being currently used lack automated synchronization capabilities due to which extreme manual intervention becomes necessary in an attempt to provide more value to the stakeholders. This has massive effects on productivity maximization and cost minimization.


A list of features which shows why PDLM should be used by any user:

  • icon  Web Based Application, in which no need to purchase, install, configure or maintain. It incorporates Remote Access and is cheaper to maintain.
  • icon  Delivers an Unpaid Solution with Quality Output, it offers optimum results, a unrecompensed ALM solution for various IT processes.
  • icon  Open Source Java Enabled, it is highly secured and flexible application designed using Java capabilities. It is designed using Struts2.3 framework and deployed on Unix and Linux servers.
  • icon  Integrated UI With Bootstrap,, It is developed using Bootstrap, which gives responsiveness that dynamically adapts to the proper screen resolution.
  • icon Reports and Charts, visually analyse data and build insightful reports & dashboards. Provides customisation and easily generates reports and charts to inform team about progress.
  • icon  Project Mangement, it manages the projects, project team members and project activities to meet the project requirements. It includes developing a project plan, which includes defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved.
  • icon  Change management helps managers keep projects on track when requirements change during the course of the development cycle.

  • icon  Release management, which provides a full history of all releases and the enhancements they included over time.
  • icon  Tasks management, in which taks can be assigned to specific team members, deadlines can be set and the status of each activity can be kept fully updated at all times.
  • icon  Use case Standardization fully customise reporting standardization of documents and its improved communication and time savings because a standard project view means that individual project managers aren’t spending several hours dreaming up their own custom formats for reporting. Instead, the format is already defined.
  • icon  Document repository includes various documents for individual projects. It also maintains the versioning of documents. The structure of repository includes PMP(Project Management Process),schedule, status report, closure report, issue log.
  • icon  Leave and Timesheet includes leave and timesheet management is beneficial to employees and project managers. The timesheet is to track time spent on each task in a project. Customized timesheet periods help to assess the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly progress of an employee. Leave management giving a fair and transparent leave approval workflow and managers can review and approve leave applications on the dashboard.

PDLM is profitable ALM tool because it provides all above the features which are necessary for every IT company at reasonable rate. Time, effort, and costs associated with ongoing administration is kept to an absolute minimum.