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BDL is an online web solution that enables you to manage your business's information over the internet, where anyone can view your business information with smart search by business name, category, location, contact person or mobile number. Almost business directory will provide the way to find business by name or category, but with BDL you can search business by contact person name, mobile numbers or business address. It will provide google map to locate your business via map.

Project Details

Name    :  BDL-Business Directory Locator
Domain    :  Business Directory Search Engine
Technology    :  Java, Struts2.3 framework, MySQL 5.55
Category    :  Business Directory Solution
Type    :  Web Solutions
Website URL    :


icon      Our objective to design BDL with all the basic feature of business listing and advertisement. It will support all level of business owner to promote their business services over the internet in very cost effective manner.
icon      Our customer will not face any real time issues with registration and login we provides support center help and quick chat option.
icon      BDL helps our customer to reach their business in international market with different language.
icon      It provides all feasible option to publish your business related information over the internet using listing. It also provide quick search for other business owners which will help to increase customer base for your business future growth.


icon      Advertising Your Business - Advertising your business to area specific has many advantages. For local businessmen, it is an opportunity of brand building and enhancing business to the next level. There are several types of ways to advertise your business locally and one of the most effective ways is advertising through a local online directory. The advertising service is effective. It is more important for your occupation when you have no such online presence or you are listed in a top online local directory. Here are some must-to-know advantages of listing your business to a BD Locator.
icon      Enhancing Your Business - Imagine you have made your presence online through a BD Locator, but your competitors have not started any online marketing yet. In this condition, who can get benefits? It is obviously you. Today, 70% of population prefer online search for a particular service locally.


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